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How it works



Our Grader

G5 Grader - includes grader, elevator and separator.


The G5 Grader is a magnificent piece of machinery developed over several years in partnership with local South Australian companies to produce a cutting edge product for the oyster industry.


The grader is fast, accurate, high quality and has a small footprint making it compact.


It has one moving part and is easy to use.

How it works

The oysters travel up an elevator and onto a custom made singulation conveyor that delivers the oysters into the grader at the correct rate.


The G5 Grader uses a 4-axis imaging system.


There are 4 separate scanners that capture an image of each oyster from 4 different angles as it is falling.


Custom electronics and software developed by Oystek combines the 4 images to create a model of the oyster; the model is then analyzed to determine the length, width, thickness and volume of the oyster.


The oyster is then directed into one of 8 outputs by a curved chute called the J-Curve, which rotates into the appropriate position for each oyster size.


The sizes for the 8 outputs are set up through the touch screen and saved as a grading scheme.


Schemes can be easily edited and created as required specific to grower needs.


Speed: The G5-Grader can achieve high average grading rates subject to the feed-in system.  Rates of 5 per second have been achieved.


Dimensions: Length 5.3m - Width 1.2m - Heights 2.5m (grader, elevator and separator).


Power: 200V - 240V single phase AC 50-60Hz (1KW U.P.S. is recommended).


Materials: Stainless steel frame and high strength ABS plastic housing.


Peter has also designed a standard range of ancillary equipment including hoppers, washers and sorting conveyors.


These can be built to your specifications if required.

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