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Our Grader

How it works




Our Grader

The G5s Grader - includes grader, elevator and separator.


Our grader is a piece of oyster farming machinery developed in partnership with local South Australian companies to produce a cutting edge product for the oyster industry, the G5s grader is:

  • fast
  • accurate
  • easy to use
  • compact
  • has a small workspace footprint
  • has one moving part.



How it works

The oysters travel up an elevator and into a custom made separator that delivers the oysters into the grader in single file.


The G5s grader uses a custom 4-axis imaging system.


There are 4 separate scanners that capture an image of each oyster from 4 different angles as it is falling.


Electronics and software developed by Oystek combines the 4 images to determine the length of each oyster.


The oyster is then directed into one of 8 outputs by a curved chute called the J-Curve, which rotates into the appropriate position for each oyster size.


The sizes for the outputs are setup through the touch-screen PC and saved as a grading scheme.


Schemes can be easily edited and created as required, specific to grower needs.


Speed: The G5s Grader can achieve high average grading rates subject to the feed-in system.


Dimensions: Length 3.45m - Width 1.25m - Height 2.55m (grader, elevator and separator).


Power: Single phase AC 220 - 250 Volts / 50-60Hz.
A dedicated AC supply without an RCD is required. (No earth leakage detector)

Average power requirement is less than 500 watts.

While the average power required by an Oystek G5 grader is less than 500 watts, the peak power requirement is much higher. It is preferable that we discuss the requirements with your electrician before installation.


It is possible to power the grader from a generator or a solar power system.


Materials: Stainless steel frame and high strength ABS plastic housing.


Oystek has also designed a standard range of ancillary equipment including hoppers, washers and inspection conveyors.


Ancillaries to your specifications can be designed and built by negotiation.

Oystek Grind-Off

The Grind-Off is a hand-held tool that uses a spinning cutter to remove barnacle and over catch from oysters.


It saves time, is quick and easy to use, and reduces the potential of repetitive stress injury.


Powered by a standard 24V, 2Amp power supply (included).


Contact us to order yours today!

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