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Technical Support

We provide free technical support to all our clients via phone or email ensuring any issues are dealt with promptly.


Ph: +61 4 0924 4434

Em: info@oystek.com.au


The G5s grader and ancillaries are easy to maintain and require minimal servicing.


We regularly travel to areas where our grading systems are installed and, to minimise expense to our clients, the cost of servicing an Oystek grading system is kept to a minimum.


If you would like to book a service for your Oystek equipment, or for more information, contact us.




Custom built machinery

We are always looking for ways to help improve our clients productivity.  With our experience and ability to think outside the box we offer our services to design purpose built systems for growers.


These systems include conveyors, washers, counters, winches and shell cleaners.


For more information contact us.


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